Webmaster Computer Services, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you for visiting my website.    My name is Chuck. 

This website is designed for information and services for those who need help.  It has three components in mind:

1)  Onsite Service dealing with the three main areas in the technological computer industries.

     No support for Laptop and tablet.  Check later Please.

2)  Training:  An important part to using the hardware and software

3)  Website or Internet Surfing -- navigating the internet world or creating a website/pages.

Plus needed service(s) to meet the changing market audiences.

Currently, I am working full time a another installation and around my full time schedule  I work on computers for people or for myself.  Please have a look at my website and if you have any questions, feel free to email me or call me during my time free.

 Remote Access problem solving:  There is a tool called Teamviewer which is a software for Windows user to allow

technicians to enter into their computer to take a view exactly what they are seeing.  Requirement:  installation 

of software at customer's computer(s), and filled permission form on my website under services.  Please note there

are charges for this service but not the same onsite service rates.

Should you have any questions on this or any services here, feel free to email me at chuck@wcscanhelp.com 



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